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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

A few more student's work from Tucson AZ

This is Peg's collage work from the workshop in Arizona...these gals are finishing things up and sending me the completed images...That's Great!  I've posted her piece and descriptions.  

1.        The Force – checking how fluids react with tissue paper…..doesn’t spread fluids that easily….I need a smaller brush!

2.       Wounded Warrior: A present for a girlfriend fighting breast cancer. Tried tacking on a canvas, but learned I much prefer wood panel!

I like the panels too Peg but when I go big I seem to like the canvas too. Thanks so much for sharing your work with me and all that visit the blog. 

Student's sharing their works

Pam Tallman  shared some of her work with me yesterday.  She was gifted with lots of collage papers and medium from another artist who as moved on to be creative with Jewelry.  Here is a series of works. Each one with it's own statement. Same materials but speaks very differently with how the colors were used. Some dominating others. It's great to see the work people are making.  

This is Jo Toye's piece from Tucson Arizona's workshop, Jo has been a wealth, warm giving information and has a book coming out by North Light Publishing in March 2016...might want to check it out her Book 

Well on to a good walk in the woods...bound to be a bit muddy but so refreshing for the mind body and soul.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finding Water, Bk 3 Artists Way...Ch. 2

Finding Water
Week Two- Sense of Reality
I have to write this out again… As you explore your inner world, your outer world will come more sharply into focus. As you face your imagined barriers, you will encounter real ones as well.  This week’s work will help you to become more grounded and farseeing. As you seek your own internal support, as well as the support of friends, you creativity will become more steady. As you undertake small actions on your own behalf-watering the garden, as I were- larger actions will seem more possible. A sense of your own power will return to you…

There’s the words I like to hear, that is a sense of your own power…that makes me feel so strong.

I’m going to sum  this up in this one simple statement- For creative sanity, I must believe that if I just do the next right thing or small act, a path will unfold for me. I must believe there is a divine plan for me and my work.

Divining Rod Task work…list of 10 things that you can cherish in the life you’ve actually got.

Inhabiting the Present
I love what she asks; can you afford to romance your past? And does it serve you? And that we must focus on the here and now.
Divining Rod task work- write about yourself in the third person, sketch in your life and surroundings exactly as they are now, talk about what you love and what you hate. Talk about what you want more of and what you want less of. Can I say this sounds like a fun exercise?

Staying in Training
Making art has taught me that the tiniest smidgen of progress is something to be savored.

As an artist I must cherish each tiny bit of track as I am able to lay it down.
A career must be husbanded or should I say our lives must be husbanded too. Care must be taken. Everyday must bring some small bit of progress.

It is all too easy as an artist/person to allow the shape of our career and lives to be dictated to us by others.

To remain healthy and vital, artists must stay proactive in their own behalf.  Have we not read this before?  Writers must write for the love of writing and not merely or only to fulfill a book contract. 

Artists are very must like athletes. As an artist we must be alert to keeping ourselves in effect training. One must take care to be well rounded. Or as we read in the first book a full time person. One must take stock of their talents and take the time and car to try to use them fully.

Divining Rod task work- Write 5 small action steps, this can lead up to a large sense of optimism.

Creativity is a spiral path: we pass through the same issues over and over again at slightly differing altitudes.

Personally this scares me as I’m a perfection on some level and I know I don’t have my critic always tame in the back cage so when I started reading this I wanted to skip over it.
JC, has us looking at our critic again and I personal don’t want to…I want to buck the system on this one.

The one quote by John Barrymore… The artist is extremely lucky who is presented with the worst possible ordeal which will not actually kill him. At this point he is in business.  This bring to mind about how I feel sometimes about a project or idea…it’s  problem to be solved…and the creative kicks in and off I go trying to figure out how to fix it, not that I’m an expert at fixing things I just like to do it.

Word of caution when going out on an artist date, “Don’t’ bring your Critic.”

Divining Rod task work- Darn you draw or write about what your critic looks like?  Facing your fears head on.

Taking Action
Sometimes wanting to move forward and uncertain just how to do that, one might get frustrated. Sounds like JC is telling herself as much as us the tricks of creative life is to maintain that optimism and forward motion. Doing the next right thing, however tiny. So much consists of doing the next right thing, however tiny. Often we get discouraged because we are unable, left to our own devices, to see the next right step. Discouragement acts as blinders.  This is where friends come in handy. This is where brainstorming matters.  

A little help from a friend is all we need. “What a difference it makes to be able to take an action. It is the difference between optimism and despair”

Divining Rod task work- Give this a try this week, jot down a list of actions you would like to share with your friend, and report back.

Not matter where we all are on this journey together sharing the artist way books what’s important is our commitment to our creative selves and our creative lives and then having a place to share that with where encouragement can foster growth individual and together.  We all know what we need to do and where we would like to go in our dreams and in the day to day stuff.  It’s time to bust a move on it people and report back share what you can. Our baby steps are what we will triumph with so wear the badge of that says “Create Change” or “Live with great intentions”  “A smile warn proudly is because I did, not because I just said I’ll try”  

Toying around getting a proposal together?

Sketch done a while back for a class called Abstract Landscapes with photo reference. Believe it or not this piece was inspired by a early spring morning walk...green growth has really begun to sprout yet.

 In the Depths of Life was a quick early morning studio fix...Husband went out to breakfast early to met the boys at Denny's and when he came home I wasn't at the kitchen table plunking away at the keeps...no he came up to the studio to see what his was Wife was doing up there so early... this is on watercolor paper 14 x 14 in sizes...I'm waiting for some panels to come in to see how they look.
 This is a sketch I showed a while back but wanted to show again...because If one was preparing to put a proposal together for a exhibit submission I need to look at my work a bit longer and with more intention.
This is Healing Circle, 36 x 36 collage on canvas...from my sketch above.  I feel a very and real and raw moment with this piece...it kind of gets me where it counts...hard to describe but with only those words for now. 

 This is a tack down Tuesday piece, 8 x 8 I call it healing waters, it's a collage done on watercolor paper but mounted on a wood panel.

 Red circle #1, another Tack Down Tuesday, 8 x 8 on watercolor paper mounted on wood panel.

And this piece is a few years old as I made it for my Red Dot Outdoor Studio Exhibit, I just love the torn circles but in tan this time.  Red seems to be the them and circles with sketchbook starts.  Now to see if I can bring a few more together and write up a proposal with a theme that threads through...  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Floating Collage Color studies...

Can it be about paper,color, texture, space, form, line and size?  

Floating Collage Workshop April 2016

So very excited to be working back with Naperville Art League...I do enjoy the space and the people  working with there...They are accommodating my needs to present a workshop with them.  I've heard a few that would like to see what this Floating Collage is all about so here you go a chance to find out.  I'll be heading over there today to drop off this flyer and supply list.  If interested one would have to register with them. It's not on the website yet but I'm sure it will be soon...

Floating Collage Flyer

Floating Collage Supply List

Floating Collage Registration Form 
You can print the form here, cut the bottom part off and mail it into Naperville Art League, 508 N Center Street, Naperville IL 60563 Attn:  Floating Collage Workshop.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The core...the base...the foundation,

going deep and coming up to the surface......cycling around.

Big Moon
Collage 24 x 24 on canvas and framed  2009
Inspired from the book, Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back
A Native American Year of Moons,
by Joseph Bruchac and Jonathan London

The elders say our land was shaped by Oh-zee-ho-so, the changer, who formed himself out of the dust which fell form Creator’s hands and after making the world. He pushed against the earth to rise and great mountains rose up on either side. Then the waters flowed into the place where he stood and made Lake Champlain, the lake we call Peh-ton-ba-gok, the waters between. When Oh-zee-ho-zo’s travels on this earth were done, he came back to rest by this lake once again, making the circle complete. So it is that our own People of Dawn place one final moon at the end of the each cycle. We call it Kit-chee Kee sos, Big Moon. Its name is the last in our circle of seasons, thirteen moons on Old turtles back. 

Thirteeth Moon Abenaki
 ( some years ago I used this book, Thirteen Moons on Turtles back as an inspiration for my own collage work, when I read this little poems/stories I feel a very old and wise connection to what is so important today. )

The more closely we align our intentions with those of the Universe, the more positive and beneficial our actions become. The more we focus our intentions to increase freedom, joy and creativity for ourselves and others, the more wholly our dreams will be realized. When circumstances in life seem to be moving in the wrong direction, that's a good time to self-reflect and refocus our intention toward greater freedom, joy and creativity.

How beautiful is that.

find what works for you....Prayer, Meditation, Morning pages, Walking and  Physical exercise etc.

Whatever it takes to help one master their thoughts, words and deeds most effectively.  Whatever method works best for you, use it to align your actions with your most compassionate intentions. Do so, and you will find everything you need to unlock your deepest happiness, manifest your greatest strengths, and fulfill your noblest wishes. You will have awakened to the power of the Universe within.

Chapter 5 from Living Wabi Sabi...

I sit in the morning around a stack of inspirational books, From Living Wabi Sabi, The Artist Way, Big Magic, Meditation of Native American Elders to a few other daily mediation books.  All this after I've done my Morning Pages.   I seem to spill out the stuff that has no use or doesn't serve me well...so some whining and crabbing and then at a point there is nothing else but to fill it back up.

And the pile of books around me in the Morning are about life, spirituality and creativity.  It looks like a fortress of good orderly positive direction. (love it) But it works for me and I so enjoy filling myself with this sort of stuff then what other outside influences...are happening that seems to be reported about at every little turn.

I'm finding out and it could be me but I'm having to spend more time on self reflection and refocusing parts...I so easily get distracted.  So I have to build a stronger force (let the force be with you) so to say to keep my thinking and thoughts aligned.

All of this wonderful inspiration is the base of my creativity.  Which becomes very spiritual.

Right now I'm making small trips up to the studio doing small but inching forward actions...The Holiday's are upon us/Me but what that means is I have a load of things going on....all wonderful grateful things that need my attention.   But I also need a strong inner core to come from...I don't know does it make sense?  well it really doesn't need to make sense to anyone else but me....

Keeping it on the page...even if it's on the page of a blog, all creative energies need a outlet.   Today also I am meeting with my book group and we are discussing the Living Wabi Sabi book, I'm so darn excited that I feel that I'll spill out or gush words when what I need to do is sit back and as my stone this morning says...do it softly  what great advice from the greater spirit then I.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Photo's now Process chatter latter...

Karen has the tables all set up for us with our supplies. Names on the pizza box which was a great Idea to use for the wonderful pouring mess was contained.

We were asked to apply some collage papers with the yes glue mixture that Crystal Neubauer uses...Glazing medium and Yes Glue...works great.

Mixing pouring medium with different acrylics some transparent other not all in aspect of testing things out to see how it work and what effect you get.

Using fancy tools like Popsicle sticks and toothpicks ...loving it, Karen moved the mixture around trying to control some sections while little go of others.

Truly playing with this, Now she uses tar gel medium mixed with acrylics to string it round on the surfaces.
Dropping acrylic inks and alcohol on the surface and watch the effect you get.

Time to let it dry...and see what happens...too thick, we had to watch out so the substrate stay flat we had a few spills but the you have to let it be.

Karen, and Frankie...our main gals here...I wasn't sure of the others...was so busy creating myself I didn't get a chance to see what was going on.

Oh a few more drops of some iridescent inks.

Pouring just the medium so that you have clear areas.

The milky areas will dry clear.

Again bring in the tar gel mixed with the Acrylics to make the fine lines.

Here is a start of one of mine.

Adding in some more color and string etc.   Not sure what I was planning many explore and playing around.

Well the Gelli plates came out and look out I couldn't get enough of it...I do love to print.

Making one print and then the ghost print...
Now cleaning up the plates. So very cool how this Gelli plate works.

So we were to start with a reference....have to admit I was a bit scared not been really drawing.  We started with a printed back ground then I added some collage paper and more printing and then draw out the nuthatch and then watered the charcoal area do create a wash and some kind of value.

Karen with our awesome Dog pictures.

My finished piece...Using some extra color.

Had to share Karen's finished piece...just love the way she use color and there some printing in the back ground and the bits of paper too here and there.  The dog was red color but in the photo 's black and white.
Walking first this morning before to much computer work takes over...got a morning round of gals from an Artist Way class that I'm dying to hear what they have been up to and then on to the tasks at and will fill in the photo's later.. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

being in prayer

Before I would want to jump in and tell you how to fix it.....Now I can only pray.  It's not about not being active and part of the drama going on around us.  Facts are I can't do a think about what has happened over there but I can, Let it begin with me and be the person that I'm to be in my own heart and home.

I choose to be in a place of peace and serenity and love...any time words come of ugliness I will turn it away...it holds now strengthen in my life.

Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Timing is everything.

 There on the left of the big tree there in front of you...do you see her?  she's peeking our on your left side.
 Oh and there's another one moving slowing on your right side of the photo.  As you spot them more often you see them because of the horizontal line of their back when everything else in the woods is vertical.
 The doe's and the young fawns from this spring season are moving together.
 This is a young doe.
 Young doe again.

 As I was coming around the path I couldn't pass up the photo, All the leaves from the tree above drop and left a blanket of gold between the two boulders.

 The wind does some fun things, when blowing hard enough it moves the fallen golden rod back and forth on the pea gravel path. Had to take a photo of that too.

 Right after I took the photo of the golden rod on the path there I look up and here is the young buck coming right at me.  I know it's rutting season and the there is one thing on the mind of these fella's...and their a bit unpredictable so must proceed with cautious.  I soon found out there were a group of people coming the other way on the path so he was moving away from them and here I am on the other side...He ended up jumping off to the right there in the brush.

And then as I was leaving another buck was at the end of the path where it leads into the subdivision..got a quick photo of him. 

Here is a video of a buck that was pretty close and off in the distance is a doe...they were very peaceful there eating the honey suckle leaves.

What a great morning, saw Theresa M. out there from LaGrange Art League...and she now works at Whole Foods in Orland Park...and with all the deer it sure filled my image well...Came home and started on the yard and cut up most of the leave and burn the brush pile and took down the tipi with my husband helps...getting ready for the cooler weather.