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Friday, October 24, 2014

Colors of Wind

I had to run my one daughter to the train station this morning at 5:30am  it's a bit dark then...but it's also kind of cool not many people are out then.  So when I got back I quickly made a collage sketch...

  I've got an Artists Open house....to tend today from 1-9 pm...  And then tomorrow from 10-4pm  New experience but it seems I've been exploring new experiences lately.

Yesterday I made to the woods and brought my Ipod and listened to Native American flute music as I walked.  It was wonderful the sun so warm and the winds bending the tree tops and the shower of leaves dance their way down.  Depending on the tree and the shape of the leaves they danced differently as the floated and rolled to the ground. I feel I was living the Pocahontas movie... with Grandmother Willow and the Colors of the Wind....I do love the wind and how it moves in and around me...Being a Gemini, a Air sign....no wonder...

For a moment I share this video clip...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Balance and peace

Tapping back into Balance and all that is about....I first turn to solitude and the woods.  Yoga even my Beginning DVD is a great way to focus and center...and with life and all the wonderful things going on I managed to make it to the woods...the smells the colors the movement of the wind....the scurrying going on under all the growth from the squirrels and chipmunks is around every bend. 

I haven't done a morning collage meditations in a while so I pulled one out...I have a zip-lock bag of my scraps and just pulled the first colors and the big "H" were asking to be used.  Sticking with the three colors and about 10 minutes...I was able to get the base down and then I came back in with sandpaper and some colored pencils I had in my art pouch. 

My art is about process...and that to me is where it comes from to how I execute it and the steps I take...filled with emotional thoughts and frustrations to the joy of knowing there is a Higher source in play....So with the joy of a higher process I leave this morning meditations with balance, peace and understanding. 

Artists' Open House...this Friday and Saturday, Hinsdale IL

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From this to that.....

Every thing has a beginning and ending and well I'm facing the ending of the season for the tipi.  I've got it folded up and remarkable how small the canvas folds up...not much time this morning...eating breakfast and then heading out the door for Class at Naperville Art League... got a big class going on there...and we only have two weeks left.. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Instruction has been given...

I've been sharing some class ideas with the group of students at Mayslake Peabody Estate...the next couple of weeks will be for them to bring it all together... still hard to abstract something that is real to the eyes.

it's hard to let go...heck even I have a hard time...we are wired to see things in their truest forms but what about the part that hit us deep inside and we feel it...more then just see it...how do you express that?

We have been taught by society, authority and parental judgement to see and behave one way...

What if we want to step out of the box...and be rebellious with how we see things....it takes a shift in thinking I feel.  A freedom of sorts that turns into excitement for me. A part of a innocent self that wasn't hampered by society yet and authority and judgement didn't guide or influence...Can one find that again?

Abstract Art- Relying on color, pattern and form rather then realistic or naturalistic portrayal of subject matter. it's origination with recognizable form but amplified or distorted into a new entity.

time to look and turn into self-expression, Trust in natural instincts, intuitive understanding and time to let go and be rebellious...in fact I would like to say Invite it in...

break what you see down to basic color, patterns and form then rebuild it with your inner knowing and trust in that...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Collage-Intuitive Process Janesville WI

 Our big room... that Linda and Carole, set up for us all.
 Everyone is just coming in and setting up.
 Sue is in process here working on her papers.
 Bonnie busy creating some collage papers... She was just enjoy being away
 Dawn was in the Cloth Paper Scissors April/May issue if you have it she got an article about creating with pop Cans art...as she cut the cans and to shapes and nails them down and from what I seen they are wonderful piece of art.

 Gail was a paper making machine back there...she had her table full of wonderful papers.
Carole along with Linda Help get the ball rolling on the Workshop, We even had lunch brought in...busy ladies.

 Renee, Linda's daughter had her hands busy...never did collage before and she just became a natural at it.
 Rita, right up and front just took this all like nothing...she was really enjoying it...and thanks to her husband...what a dear soul as he supported her and bought a ton of baby wipes.....at the big ware house store...
 When I could remember I took a few pictures...but we where busy all day.

 Linda what a trouper she is...a little dynamite of a woman...just poured herself into creating...what a passionate woman.
 Mary was in heaven I think...she just never stopped.

Here we all are... back row...Sue, Mary, Rita, Dawn, myself, Second row, Gail, Linda, Bonnie and Carole. What a great place lots of room and good lighting and wonderful people a winning combination. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

have I run out of things to say?

I'm very blessed to be doing and creating and sharing the things I love to do - collage, and mixed media works and all the how's too's that I know of. And this morning I received Hugs and good luck wishes as I'll be heading out only a few hours away but I'll be away from home for a few nights. Teaching a workshop for a group of ladies...again the Idea came in and all got aligned and there is a collage workshop full this weekend.

I've been busy all over the place...trying to keep plates spinning...any different then before...not really only that I'm wondering how long plates like this can spin?

Having the freedom as I do...which I don't want to sound all high and might or filled with EGO...it's just hard to say No to myself....I have loves and wants and have had them for along time...and with experience the wants have been filled...which is kind of scary...or I just might be spoiled?   That could be too...or the obsessive qualities embedded in me stepped in...

Any ways I woke up this morning and the words came flooding out of my mind..." Your Living the Dream...that's all"

I'm very grateful and thankful for how prayers and ideas are manifesting themselves around me...I pray to hold up my end now and present a good workshop for these women and that they enjoy themselves.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My photo of the first totem

My totem....and I'm not sure of the name of this piece but right now it's "My totem"  I'm going to try to bring into my class today to show them.  When I look at the top...the message I'm receiving is seek the good orderly direction...and then next section with the woman's face, Be true to yourselves, or know thyself, the third section down is to remind me where I find my spiritual guidance, in nature...and The largest section with the hands and the crow is about...trust your intuition it's not stirred you wrong and that life has a way of restoring all back into balance.

1-Seek Good Orderly Direction
2-Know, be true and honor thyself
3-Spiritual guidance comes from nature.
4-Trust my gut, intuition and have faith it will all be restored to balance.

OK time to get read for the day.