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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last day this past Monday for Basic Design with Collage

 Michael work,
 Barb's work
 Ellie's work
 Laura's work
 Sharana's work
 I think Laura's son's name was Branden....sorry little guy if I messed up your name...it was awesome having you in class with mom.
And Alison's work.

Basic Design with Collage II will be starting shortly...May 5th, My Basic Design class are broken down in to smaller steps then other collage classes. There is more emphases on building practice using the elements and principle of design. And of course the use of the Tack Iron never leaves my side so we will work up to that process...Easy laid back atmosphere on the grounds of the Mayslake Peabody Estate...if interested please check out the site and call to register...

A challenging but basic practice in this class will be to create a piece using color, value and contrast with painted papers...see sample below.

                                           These our my samples with a painted back ground. 

Hear your Heart....

Creating art....self expression....sing off beat to a song....planting a little garden....creating a wonderful dinner in the crock pot...all from listening to your heart, inner knowing, true north, good orderly direction.

Embracing all parts of ourselves and loving it all. 

Me...I'm a gatherer, always have been from young age..things, big and small were needing to be picked up and that was a calling I answered early on. These objects of pure inspiration were given comfortable storage  in a place, pocket, shelf or pile. I spill out on my morning pages all the things that I'm trying to make sense about and seek guidance to what would be the best approach to handling it. Life and all her wonderful gifts...some acceptable some not but gifts all the same. 

From the book, (received in my email this morning ) Comfortable with Uncertainty Pema Chodron - female Buddhist monk. 

A big burly samurai comes to a Zen Master and says, "tell me about heaven and hell."

The Zen Master looks him in the face and says, "why should I tell a scruffy, disgusting, miserable slob like you? A worm like you, do you think I should tell you anything?"

Consumed by rage, the samurai draws his sword and raises it to cut off his master's head.

The Zen master says, "that's hell."

Instantly, the samurai understands that he has just created his own hell - black and hot, filled with hatred, self protection, anger and resentment. He sees that he was so deep in hell that he was ready to kill someone. Tears fill his eyes as he puts his palms together to bow in gratitude for this insight.

The Zen master says, "That's heaven."

Staying open to what comes in after pouring out on the morning pages is very exciting to me...I never know what will come form short meditation readings...book reviews and life experience that are present or have passed.  

Tomorrow I will introduce the Book, Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh...any one that would like to find their copy off the shelf and pull it out, read along or discussion  with me...please do.

Inspiration is all around us it's how we receive it with grace or distaste that matters. 

As an visual artist, my awareness tuned into this Raw (real, awesome, whole) Inspiration traveling in cycles, circles and spirals.

From artists Doris Olsen read her artist statement... Her website....I stumbled upon it as I Google image for Moon shells...connections made, Her statement, I  found it to be so beautiful and real....looking forward to starting the Gift From the Sea....These are my favorite shells...Moon Shell. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's been a very exciting day....

Couldn't sleep because of some wild behavior presented to me by a teacher that followed after my morning class....such wild behavior that she made a scene twice in two week...My behavior or the complete is not cleaning up fast enough and getting the hell out of Dodge before she comes in...and silly me had no Idea....so had to go talk to the powers that may be there to see what I can do to work with this and do the next right thing....found out they had no idea of the behavior and how my students felt....
When she was talking to me in front of them...

So prior to that I was able to accomplish a self care and earth day all in one. I needed to center myself and get in the right frame of mind and so Yoga was a good place to start. Then after that and breakfast I went to the woods and walked...and walked....good place to again help me clean my mind.

Came home and was hungry...had something to eat and needed to do a big pile of dishes...terrible to say but left from last night...and everyone was gone early and off to work...pile wasn't going to take care of itself. After the kitchen was clean I pulled out my little gathering of see packets and started to do some planting in my two little garden beds.   Just some spinach, lettuces, spaghetti squash and a few tomatoes. Oh and some onions with all the framers Markets around there I'm sure there will be some good crops.

I then had my big black mud boots on and so well grabbed two trash bags and small rake to start cleaning the Dale Basin...across from my home where all the Cattails grow...I clean up around their every year for Earth day and the neighbors also help and we keep the place look nice and natural.

Oh what a exciting day...Now thought I was informed my website is down....so got to go find out about that...where's my Web Ranger when You need one...She's been notified and waiting to hear back from my host service... 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Steady as she goes....

Today I stumbled upon this piece of work I finished awhile back...and I do love the way it turned out..it's called Steady as she goes....you can purchase a print if it if you like on the Fine Art America 

For what ever reason I think this popped up because of the title...as a gentle reminder for me to stay stead and easy does it and just keep on going forward.  Crazy as it sounds just when one things gets checked off the list...I kindly have continually created something that moves up next to be done. Self-motivating, obsessiveness or just the love it...Well got my last class today in Basic Design with Collage and we have good 2 hour time slot for Studio time.   And then we are going to have a critic time and look at all that we have created.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Awakening the spirit of life

The color of yellow.....I don't understand it's attractions lately could be that's what seems to be popping out of the ground around my homestead and its so refreshing to see color, Green too. There's a balance I hear though with this color yellow as it can go to far and become almost over powering and push one back to an uneasiness.

Today that's not the case, We are as a family going to my Mother in law's house for Easter Celebrations. Our younger Gals have met with there Grandmother and are helping to prepare the meal. I'm sure this means the world to her and it also makes me very proud that they want to be part of this celebration.  All I know is I'm to bring the Cole Slaw and I'm bring some Fruit salad for us no sugar eaters...

All is quiet here in the house as everyone is sleeping in...everyone is off of work but our Maddie...she's got to work today but is planning on stopping over around 2:00 on her lunch break. The weather is to be in the 70's today and what more can anyone ask for.

Off to be present and enjoy the day with family...I'll be making some photo calls too wishing the rest of the family Happy Easter.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Job completed....7 in total

 Pierhead Lighthouse, Algoma WI,
 Baileys Harbor Range Lights
 Cana Island Lighthouse
 Canal Station Pierhead Lighthouse
 Old Baileys Harbor Light
 Pilot Island Lighthouse
Plum Island Range Lights

Each one of these are 5 x 9 artwork 3 x 7 on tar paper, I found a map on line and looked at the little photo's on it and just started to fold, tear and cut the papers...then with a polymer layer already dried and waiting for me to tack down I went at it...took me a bit between Wifely duties and sitting on the couch eating my bon bon's....hahaha   Not sure what will come of them, as there Raw and Rough or as the Gallery Owner calls them Organic....which I like that too. I'll be dropping them off if she excepts them Next weekend...the Husband and I are taking a trip up that way. Lake Michigan Lighthouses...and if you click on gray area's you get a bit of history. 

Stumbled upon a deal....Teflon Sheets

A while back I had a student-Bonnie share with me this great Teflon sheet to use instead of a safety release sheet between my tack iron and the coated collage papers. But I didn't have good results at first...well I cranked up the dial on the Tack iron to about 4 and the heat seem to be transferring through the Teflon sheet nicely. 

Then yesterday I had to do some shopping our the local Whole Foods and there hanging in the isle was this packages that looked just  like the Teflon sheet Bonnie gave me.  ($5.99 for a 13 x 17 inch sheet) 

Came home and examined it to the stuff I had purchased on line from Etsy and it's the same things...so what I want to do is share this great deal...though the Avery label sheet that are left over from using your address labels works this is much nicer as it bendable and doesn't tear and can take some abuse and paint or stuff gets on it and you can wipe it right off...Love it. 

                             This image is the Silicone paper used for dry mounting procedure....showing this just so you can see what I've been using but I will now change to the Teflon sheet....these sheets are sold in the cooking section of the food store you use it to line you baking sheets....or....for collaging with a tack iron.....in my case. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tar paper collages-Lighthouses

I would like to finish three more...well because I three more left that are taped up and with polymer medium on there ready for tacking down.  I've got on with grommets but need to put them on this little ones.  I found a map on line with the lighthouse around Door County so there' in likeness to them...A bit raw with character.

I have a members Exhibit tonight at the Elmhust artists Guild to attend to...should be exciting to see the works everyone brought in.  OK time to jump in the shower and get freshen up.  

Books...as inspiration and guidance...

"Being alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren't a state of being but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was."  A friend shared this with me...she's reading a book called "Wild"  

I've not read the book...my gosh I wish I did...it's going to be on my list but for right now I have the trailer for the book. One of the things that I connect with in the trailer is the "getting through thing" being in that tough place, not wished by anyone to go through be we all have had them and I'm sure that we can all be grateful for them as the wonderful rich life experience through the muck and out on to the other side up the hill and looking back and say my gosh..don't want to do that again but I'm so grateful I did and pass it now...

One never knows what is a store for us and why...but having an inner knowing that there are choices and we can make them for ourselves we can get to the other side of any thing...

Now where have I been....reading some other interesting book, and working in the studio creating work for the Gallery up north of me and trying very hard to keep life simple...crazy I know after talking to my mentor...she probably thinks Oh honey....be careful....don't get to goofy with it. I'm not something is changing with me inner wise...hard to explain but I think I'm really staying humble and grounded and more in tune spiritually and intuitively.  I had wanted yesterday to go to the Danada Equestrian stables but that didn't happen. I was getting hungry and had my almonds and really didn't want McDonalds at all but out of the blue that was calling to me...so curious where that was coming from I felt it was best to get my butt home and stick with clean eating.  I got home and did just that....house was quiet and all were at work...the four legged critters where into there afternoon nap... and a case of the "what should I be doing now or with myself and I wish a friend would call moment came over me"  case of the lonelys..I call it but then I ask myself what should I do to snap out of it...You will feel much better if you dishes are done and you house bills and art bill recording is done so do that...I listen to myself and get that going...and done. 

Before I knew it I had the description writing for my fall classes. I know sounds very strange to be talking about fall when we are barely out of the scare of winter and it's really spring here. But In 5 months I will be teaching hopefully and I have to think about this and get information into the art center etc. so it's locked in on the calendar...I've made peace with it all I use to hate doing it but for 14 to 15 years now I should be getting to the acceptance point don't you think...or get out of the line of business right? 

Another friend suggested the book, "Gift from the Sea"....Oh that is so good, I've been reading that almost every year now since my little ones were born. My step mother gave it to me and I've shared it in a class formation where we read, discussed and created what we imagined in our minds. Talk about therapy...art therapy that is. 

So with that I'm going to start on this next Thursday...April 24th  so every Thursday I will read a chapter and get wordy with it what I read...and see how it all plays out...anyone have the book get ready and join in....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red Roofs are built

 Red Roof in Autumn 6 x 6 with art 5 x 5 collage on Tar paper. 

 Red Roof in the Green Valley, 6 x 6 art 5 x 5 Collage on tar paper. 

 Red Roof Misty Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

 Red Roof Music on the Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

Red Roof on Sandy Beach, 6 x 6, art 5 x 5 collage on tar paper. 

Oh its been a few days since my last post...Been busy tending to creating work for The Flying Pig and running round picking up dropping off and a trip out to my Frame company to see what they have to offer for a frame for my Danada Herd piece.  I want to frame it and honor the piece.  Hoping to slip in an artist date today and stop in and see the herd and what's been going on....it's so fun to talk to the people working there and hear about the Horse drama...well I get into that. 

Best bust a move got yoga and then some studio time creating some "hopefully little Light houses for the gallery too... not sure how this all will go as of Sales...not going to hang out there in my mind, just purely having fun creating....