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Monday, September 01, 2014

Continuing my personal exercise ....

 So here's the view finder again and the image of the page...some randomness.

 This seems to be falling into a stratus composition where by the horizontal line seem to be the strongest. But as in the view finder above things were broken up as of the word clusters, so why not change it up on the composition? I love the word in the back ground.

Now on this one I started off with the solid grey areas and built up on top...and used up some of word magazine page I head left. Adding the diagonal darker line in there seemed to ad a bit more excitement to this piece...cut it up so to say...contrast with value.

it totally amazes me how one view finder can spark so many different possibilities.   but only if you allow it to happens. As in the course of putting this collage sketch together new intuitive ways come into play and I act on them.  I can't emphasis enough how the  natural instinct of cause and effect jumps into play for me. Having one idea or guide and then when you place a piece of paper down you can react to is by changing you mind on what the next step will be or calls strongest to be changed or worked on.  The Beauty of the Process. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Exploring another composition with a view finder-Rectangle

So using a rectangle view finder this morning is very odd for this habitual gal of a "squares"

I picked this view with words as a form of shapes which I feel it will really push me to reach a different level of composition and most of all understand of it. 

 So now I've taken the shapes and actually draw them in and of course because of photographing them on an angle...has distorted it a bit. Though this could be a good thing....

 Using the magazines to explore this composition... as simple as possible then it just took over and I went at it and it's interesting... Using the the larger words and crinkling and putting them upside down was intentional. so I created it this way first...

And now I turned the composition over and look at it with the stronger solid base on the bottom...I believe it can work either way...so I continue this a few more times and see what comes of it. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

To my surprise it's Incite....

Yesterday when my Artist Magazine came I went through it and saw this call for entry and as I looked down I saw my piece...I was jumping out of my seat....well that reminded me that the other book Incite 2 should be coming out shortly...my work Unity and two others will be in this hard cover publication. How cool...and you all can give it a try too  call for entries is at this site. 

Look for this one soon...

and the first one of this series of publications is this one....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Overwhelmed....but plugging forward....

With great intentions....I thought I was going to be able to have this all under wraps...as they say but just too much and well...I'll leave it at that.

A quick calculation of what will be in the 7th Annual Outdoor Studio this year...

This year's Tack Down Tuesday Calendar will be available for $20 

List of collage artwork and other collage items for sale this year also.

31-8 x 8 collage work on wood panels ready for your walls..
20 or so 2015 calendars…
27 framed 12 x 12’s
17 collage Coptic stitched journals
Select works or photography from my Daughter Maddie Svencner
50 piece original bin work pieces.
Giclee prints
20 or more pieces of framed collage works in different sizes

Large collage works ranging from sizes 24 X 30 on up and passed 36 x 36’s

After all this, had some lunch and a big sweet potato from a healthy comfort food....then got a call from my mentor...so good to hear her voice...Wishing her the best while she's dealing with family right now... 

You just got to show up every day....

Every day

put your apron on

where it well.

From all that I've read to reaffirm where I stand in my life and the day, has said the same thing...Show up. I'm so grateful to have a place to show up to and be creating in....

I was told you never know where insight, Good Orderly Direction, intuition comes from, it could be people, place or things as the resource. Staying open to them all is challenge....and where am I going?

God only knows....books seem to a quick go to...loving this book Trust the process by Shaun McNiff.  when I read it I feel like someone final gets it...but this is about art therapy and well I've been using art for understanding and connecting all my life. So to read this all is really speaking to my whole being.

My rock this morning gave the message-"Let go of perfect."   And well in the chapter of this book on Distilling...

As we contemplate physical forms, we discover a corresponding structure and force in our lives. They help us to see ourselves. 

All forms of creative perception extract essential features from nature. Artists strive to get to the heart of life, to the core of the matter, and they are known as much for what they omit from their interpretation of nature as for what they include. In the creative process, "seeing" is as important as "doing." 

Elimination is essential to concentration. When you can't find the way through a situation, it might be better to reflect on what is already presenting itself. As you choose what to omit, you indirectly select what to keep. 

Getting to the core through elimination goes counter to the human instinct to save and hoard. We grow attached to whatever enters our environment and accommodate to its presence. 

As you work, your forward-moving process of expression requires deletion. Think of your previous gestures as contributions to building the image. 

In the artistic process and in daily life, it is always challenging to eliminate and let go. Today's foreground becomes tomorrow's back ground.   

isn't that the truth?

As long as you live, keep learning how to live.  ~ Seneca

With getting prepared for this Outdoor Studio Exhibit....which for me has been a good month long process, I can't say how much I'm learning and what things I'm putting into action and other things I'm just letting go of.   As usually I can't focus on one thing and keep the blinders on...well I can but while I'm doing that I've got two pans on the stove and the dish washer open and typing out a few things for a workshop proposal and getting ready for a class as of experimenting a process to see where it will lead... In this state of forward motion....more ideas keep jumping in wanting to hook on be seen....and I keep just putting the apron and showing up....it's exciting and there's drama and well it's life and a good life at that....Husband said, "Get going faster on this all so I can retire".....Oh honey.....I'm trying.

Well time to pull out the art today...as of out of storage all over the house and take a look at it, inventory it and sort it and then getting it ready to haul down stairs next week....I've been picking through it all year long for different shows, events and fairs so time to get my act together....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's work in the studio

Grounded 10 x 24 collage on wood panel with cradle sides. mixed with acrylic paints...Varnish coat goes on tomorrow. 
A bit spent....Right side of the brain is all mush now...