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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Time as come to....

 accept that these pieces of collage art need a home. Some found there way out the door yesterday but not all. We had a 10 x 10 square plot on the Expo floor to work with.  Isles were wide and some of artist expanded out front a bit.. just to give some breathing room.

I was right next to a nice gentle what had some wonderful etching of dogs...didn't see one that looked like Carl or Hank.  And the side next to me had a gal with the fun skirts tops and jackets.   I have to say the display she was using was maxed out as of I wasn't sure if it was going to sway one more time to my booth and fall...but it stuck it out and all went well.   The Husband-Randy was a trooper as I stood there by where the chair is now or people would come in my booth and look at the clothes and not realizing what they were doing would push my bins around and well that just had to stop so I'm grateful for the Husband to be standing there and Calling them into my booth.

It was successful and hard work..as usual.   We weren't too happy about the hotel room but you know...you don't realizes how good it feels to be home. Sometimes things happen so you know how good you have it.

To comment about how things were the day before with unknown feelings and self-doubt...I felt that all the way till a few sales started to happen. I'm thinking why did I every got to the dark side of my thinking...extreme is what I would say...Still can't understand it...but it's become a habit and part of the process...I'm just more vocal about it then most I guess...The plus side of it all is I'm aware and prepared as much as I can be for an event. And I'm sure I will be doing it again....I guess I feel ashamed like I'm doing something wrong for having these emotions and anxiety and people can say Oh you'll be find...and I'm but it takes a bit more to calm my busy behind down...Almost a slap in back of the head to snap me out of it...But the biggest supportive act  is when a loved one says I got you back and I'm here for you...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Flop to Flip side...

 Looking at it from the Flop Side

As usually I'm in my dither of anxiety  about this trip and what to expect....Being in the Unknown...they give you all instruction and lay out for you as best they can but still the not knowing  what to expect has me on High alert.   This is all to familiar territory I've been in this emotional state many times.

Then the distorted thinking steps in...."Oh you won't sell anything"   "Your doing all this work and for what?"  "No one will like what you have"

Why does our brain and our thinking go here...or is just me.  I know it's not just me.  People can say things like Oh that's not true...and their right. The thing is it's in my head and circling around and picking up speed with more words to feed it energy.

I almost need a good Jolt or a slap in the back of the head....Where's Gibbs when you need him.  And I've shared about this on the blog before...I remember.

I've had people tell me that I shouldn't be feeling this way and to have more confidence in ourselves.

Here's what  I know...if I feel bad now then when later it happens all this comes to a climax so to say then if it doesn't go well then I've prepared myself for it...and It won't hurt so bad.  Does this make sense.  Controlling the outcome.  The false sense of control of the unknown part and faking it with this Bull - Crap of distorted thinking. Where's the head doctor...Yikes.

Flip Side
Now this morning in my morning pages I've flip flopped from side to side on this...I know once I'm in my element and with my apron on I'm going to do all right.   I have a fanny pack to wear or my apron with some big pockets up front for me to put my selling tools in; pen, sale book, change, haven't decided which will be better. It's a Garage Sale my gosh...

I have my husband coming with me this time to help with unloading and loading.  Though it can be challenging its still a good time to share this together. I've done my foot work,  prepared as much as I can.  My hopes are that most of the collage work goes.  What's the hardest is, it's my older stuff I'm not working in that style of collage...My head wants to say there mistakes but my heart knows they were my babies, the place I started off and have grown from. There is some resemblance for sure to the newer works but when I look at the earlier works...I really need so see the progress I've made with the directions I've been headed...Now that's from the heart... not from the head...I think there's a Sheryl Crow song.."Out of our Heads and in to our Hearts" My Mantra today...

This all passes all this gunk that circles around...and then on to the next good deed on the block of forward motion. Some times it's not so bad and others well not proud if it but it is what happens.

Some may think Why would you  post again about this same stuff...well because I have to work through it and part of working through it is sharing and realizing what I'm going through.   Do I like this when it happens no...I try to have control of it but some times it bigger then me and I have no control.  I know I will have a big sigh of relief and gratitude by the tons on the ride home Saturday night...I'm already thankful Randy will be driving. 

Right now I'm allowing the Good Orderly Direction of the day to be my guide...and all things will be well and good.

Self Confidence 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Deer Totem is almost completed

Between packing and making a list and calling a few people for encouragement to prepare for the Kalamazoo garage sale I've been working on this piece...June I to have three of these ready for an exhibit...so not down to one more..not sure what that will be yet.  This piece was inspired by the colorful paper I made from a piece that I used to scrape off old paint and a workstation...I never know what the surface of a paper like this will be like...Happy Accidents is what I call them.  Any ways I'm happy that I've completed it this far.

Well off to pull out the display panels and all the regalia that goes with that and to pull out the Transit seats so there's room to fit it all in...small steps move you forward.  

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Class starting today....

For the last few days I've been preparing to guide but mainly assisting a group of creative souls through the Artist Way.  I looked back and it's been about 20 years that I've been doing it myself. Not to claim I'm all unblocked and have not fears.   I still carry around a lot of them.

With this preparing I've noticed my morning pages are attentive and with more details.  Like automatically Snap into it and out of my old mundane self.  It excites me.  So to hold it all together and not overly explode on the students in the class I best get a grip and calm myself down. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Completed project today

Talking Stick symbolism 
The different parts of the talking stick. 

Maple tree- The tree of offering, generosity, balance, and practicality
Cow Hide/leather- Patience, Nourishment, and Abundance Female Power, Calming, Grounded
Rabbit-is to be on a talking stick, to remind us that we need to speak from the heart.

Horse tail hair- Intuitive, power, strength, grace

Saddle Feather from a rooster- Pride, Honesty, Courage, Watchfulness

Abalone shell-Love, Beauty, Gentleness, Caring, Compassion and peace

Color of Green- Nature, Harmony, and Healing
Color of Black-Intuition, Prayer, Wisdom
Orange/ color of the leather-Kinship, Intellect and determination

I've been wanting to make a talking stick for a long time...so now its done. 

What a day...

 So early in the morning the husband and I ask each other what's you got planned for the day?  We ramble off what we would like to do and then see how it fits in.  I had share I wanted to see a gallery that a student and friend of mine was having a solo exhibit in Waukegan Il. That's would be where I would be heading...and the husband was planning on Milwaukee WI.  to the Mama Tried show.   From the picture I took you can see where we headed together first.  I was in charge of taking pictures, it was fun.  We have different tastes when it comes to motorcycles and styles.

 this was one of my favorites... My dad would build motorcycles too, so when your around them most of you life you kind of fall for them later on or a guy that has an interest.

Next to the one at the top was this one with an imperfect beauty of road character.

  Here is something that the husband likes to ride and has built.

No matter where this man goes he ends up talking and sharing and meeting like minded people. I stood by and listened to them both share...what gift when to met and can connect and it see them both light up.

 Here's a baby that I really like...flat tire and torn seat.

 This man here I'm told by the Husband is Willy J Davison...the man is the owner of Harley Davidson now and saved it from AMF a while ago.

 This is another bike that Randy likes.

 This gentleman here is Thomas Fugle another to know guy in the motorcycle building world. I was able to snap a picture of him from far away...people were starting to fill the room. The building was Like the Zhou Bro Art Center...kind of cool. Only two floor though for the motorcycle show.

 This is Tom's Bike and he build it all by hand as of forming the frame and tank and other part of the motor. A living legend.

I had to share this bike.  the exhaust system was amazing...all the wields. Both the men do prefabbing work in the Garage...the studio of creative men folk. 

 Noreen Cashman I've known for some time now and she is having her solo exhibit of her work at the Dandelion Gallery in Waukegan IL  So the plan was to swing back down closer to the Lake Michagan and see her exhibit....the reception was at 5pm...well I figured to stop in and see the exhibit but by the time we got there it wasn't hope yet...I guess it opened at 5pm only that day.
Silly should have checked before hand. Though I did get to pick in.

Noreen has a wonderful collection of work here on exhibit I can see she's worked hard at preparing for this show. 

After stopping at the gallery we then decided to hit Red Lobster....well that was such a great idea...hadn't been there for a long time. 

When I got home this day I wanted to get creative all that was around me was inspiration.  I've been gathering material for a while and found out my daughter has a box of rabbit fur I was ready to really
get going on this talking stick. Hoping to work on this today and get it done for class tomorrow. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Road trip

Heading to the Motorcycle show in Milwaukee with The Husband and then waste some time around town and then try to hit the Opening Gallery exhibit at the Dandelion Gallery.   This should be fun...I love looking at old motorcycles and owns that have been created instead of the fancy pimped out ones. And I want to check out this gallery I've been hearing about. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Staying open to the message...

I'm about to embark on another round of the Artist Way and I pulled out my book...the one I use for classes.  I have a few of them.  A hard cover one with many years shared and a while back I purchased another hard cover with all the book she wrote in this series.

Feeling very sacred about this all...I'm excited and I'm in awe too.  Insight, inspiration and new knowledge comes from many places.  From the stranger on the street to music on the radio when you stay open to the message and allow it to flow through, wonderful things can happen.

My first nugget this morning came in a form of a rock...on the rock the words "Give thanks" was written.  After yesterday I was at a point of patience that was about to not be anymore.  I know I was looking for how to handle this new day even before I came to the morning pages and my first cup of coffee.

My morning pages are a spill of words but this morning they have been come my counsel. Where I spill out and seek a message on how I need to behave and act upon. With these words Give thanks, I'm lead with a grateful heart.

Next thing that came from written words was the word adapt,  oh like our four legged friends the coyote...for their survival the adapting has been the code.

The next thoughts were about this adapting but still staying strong in a wholeness...not losing one self as a change or situation comes upon us.  My next words in my morning pages was to ask how is to be and come about?  By giving thanks...so a few more pages written then normal came about and my attitude changed and the wholeness continues. With a nugget of living in harmony.

As I being to refresh myself with the Artist Way introduction I'm reminded of so much.  I know others have read this book once and didn't agree with it or once was enough they could stand...a little to much for them but I find comfort in it.  As another artist friend said, "it's like coming home"  and I do agree the coming home part is to myself.  Reconnecting to a part of me that so easily gets influence or distracted by the societal situations we live in.

Sharing this book with others some reconnecting like myself and other first time around will be exciting. I truly love to witness as others make the connection I learn from them as we all learn together...creating a community.