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Friday, August 22, 2014

Trusting in the process, turn the rock over

 Well what happened this morning  instead of yoga is this....different from of mediation, I thought I would do a collage this morning with the Vogue magazine images and pages I torn out but next thing I knew I was planning for my next on-line class.    Here I cut out from a white magazine page view finders, one square (which I love) and one rectangle. Here you see them turned over because it's hard to see them on the white surface of the sketch book journal.

 For my class I will have every cut them from something a bit thicker then the magazine itself...even a cereal box would be better...less chance of ripping.

So here's an ad for a Colemen gas grill. and of course I was attracted to the rocks at the bottom.  Not know if this image would work I went for it any ways.  Now there are more composition then just this one but I'm just going to share the possibilities of what can happen. Being that I like to work from a inner intuitive process and pull images from around me and then bring them in and roll around with them and spill them out in new configurations or compositions this feels great and right up my alley creativity.  But not for everyone as some people need to have to follow the image completely in front of them and can sway one side or the other to obscure in any way.

 So single out this composition and it answers to my liking of shapes, lines, value and colors...but I'm going to work with a black and white to grey value...

 Just because I could bring it a quick little program...picture it...I draw some lines in there to disquest shapes better and break it down in sorts to it's simplest forms.

Here I've turned my composition up side down...a whole new perspective or View.  New possibilities too. 

So this is my first view at my composition from the view finder above.  I could follow the image to a tee I guess but as I start...something happens and it speaks louder then the image I'm viewing and I answers back to what if I didn't do it that way and instead put the lines close together and well with a few other questioned asked while in the process other choices were made and the place where I started with a view finder has branched out to this rocky composition...of course it's with magazines, glue stick on a sketchbook.  I was really excited about this little journey I took though. 

Then with the other directions of the view finder and image from the magazine I turned it up side down and use that view as a spring board for this...each way I do this I'm understanding at a deeper level of how the elements are relating to each other and the freedom to allow intuitive creative sparks to direction my choices and see what else or what if will happen if I place things differently. 

These are not to be master pieces...only collage sketches...some parts many work and some parts many not but if one never gives it a try how will they know what if and also empower yourself with the karma of creating...the cause and effect.  What a wonderful place to take a risk and ask questions...Letting go and trusting the process. 

Well this consumed my morning...came right in and snatched me away from 6am till now 8:15 which I'm so grateful for I  have a better understanding of what I would like to share and teach...

From the very first view I saw with the rocks...I was brought to the thought of finding rock for real when I was a kid and always curious what I might find if I turned one over....Life is usually what I saw... in some form or another...be it a bug or a earthworm or evidence of a little being. 

Composition 3 from this study of the View finding exercise....I'm on a roll...but do need to stop, it truly is fun to see where you can go with it...break it down and build it back up in your own way... and watch for New Views of Composition reveal themselves. 

High on life....

 After the gal from the Art tribe came over on Wednesday Night...I was still on a high most of Thursday and kind of lost as of no one was home and I wondered around for a while then got back into my routine of doing yoga on most mornings....Then being in the Studio just sparked me to put the Apron on and the music and off I went in about 5 direction...thinking I'll do this and that while this dries and some of this and prepare for that while something else dries but by the end of the day I wanted to work on this journal for myself...it had paper from a pad of Mixed Media paper I purchased a while back...though I've only glued with a glue stick this far in it...but I have to say this morning it started something and I went with the flow...
My daughter gave me her Vogue magazine which I personal do look at but I went though it this morning and pulled out mainly black and white values...The thought of class two for on-line has been floating to long in the back wings of my brain and it's time....sure while I'm getting everything else ready for a big exhibit...to bring it forth....Nothing like while your busy that more ideas come in...sure the creative gates are open look out....Pray to be kept a float is all I say...

 Had a good time with it....let go totally and made a good creative mess of it...and I like it. (Back)

And this is the front of it, Only 6 signatures of 10 pages each but the paper is thicker but not as thick as watercolor paper of 140lbs.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It happened.....

 Here's the tipi with the Art Tribe, Cheryl Holz has taking the picture...I was so excited but calm to have them all over...kind of weird as it felt right and things worked out wonderfully.

There is 8 members to the Art Tribe and your seeing 6 of them. We did our drumming and singing. I wasn't sure how to do it but we gave it our best shot and well I have to say I'm planning  another soon...as the weather gets a bit cooler a fire and all with prayers and good intentions.

I'm in gratitude this morning....time for a bit of Yoga and then get busy in the studio...much more work be get done. Sold a few journals last night need to make a few more.  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dinner, Drumming, Art Tribe....with some healthy anxiety

So here I go again....learning and filling the head with mumbo/jumbo...not really...just always reaching to education myself the way I've found works...well sometimes.

I've been getting some nudges and I've been giving in to them and it's exciting and also kind of scary, though as I read these books about Art and how to use it in life, all of life...I seem to know it all to well. Eye opener....been living it and processing it...

The book by Shaun McNiff-Trust the Process

A person's license to create is irrevocable, and it's open to every corner of daily life. But it is always hard to see that doubt, fear and indirectness are eternal aspects of the creative path.  

This statement on the first chapter of this book hit me....In the process over the years, I know I'm not alone on this...read and heard many stories...the doubt, fear and indirectness are as strong or stronger sometimes then the other side of the coin when continuing being creative. There is so much more to this book then what I'm babbling about there. (What I've read so far is very affirming)

I circle (monkey mind, over thinking and distorted sometimes) around every event, class, workshop and exhibiting opportunity...one would think it would be time to be pass it all.  No their there....doubt, fear and indirectness all the time. Might it be time for the "Acceptance" and to make peace and balance. Reality is life isn't a smooth path....hear me know...Thank God...because that would become very boring for us folks but I seem to wish this way too often.

Doubt....not confident in ones own abilities
Fear....lost perspective-faith 
Indirectness....the need to know before hand....Crystal ball would be nice. 

So as usual...I've been going through the process of preparing for the 7th Outdoor Studio Exhibit and little by little chipping at getting things ready.....the doubt slips in and I've been know to lose all perspective and wonder....Stop this I keep telling myself...just stop this thinking!

I look at the list and put blinders on and keep going...nudging my way somewhere. With all this preparing moments of great inspiration have also been right along side the DoubtFearIndirectness stuff and I've been working on my "Totem" as I call it and I'm wondering now if that is even a good name for it/them (I would like to make two more)

Well I will be preparing, hosting for a bunch of Creative Women tonight, and that means with creative taste buds.  I just pray the food all works out...and then not sure when but we will have a drumming experience.   My first beside standing in my studio to some music on the IPod. Must be my age and my right of passage that this is come about.

I know well I don't really know but can Imagine that one doesn't want to listen to this ramble but it's all healthy.  It's part of the process...the anxiety of the moment and how it will all work out...where's my crystal ball...what fun would it be if we know everything?  Really...I'm experience life in it finest form through emotions and my senses.

Seeing life only in black and white....(though I love black and white) is not a healthy perspective...As I've shared with some of my Sage Women, Elders the Grey area is where they find themselves more now these days.  The doubt isn't a form of black or white...it a place where I can stop and get my barrings/land legs  and see....As I have had dinners before, in fact 35 people over for thanksgiving and we  were all full and happy at the end. (confidence in myself) Allowing fear to step in is me not looking at the steps I can take and trusting in those manageable measurements of abilities.  And having indirectness is just being a willy-nilly.  Once one as stepped into the realm of all that is filling them with anxiety...something happens...all that emotional hooey goes out the window...things that you didn't image come forth and you are making new choices that keep you present in faith and well you've made it through the other side of black and white to the grey. The wonderful Mixture of life has blessed you  now with possibilities. All this is life...a natural process in all aspects.

Pep talk over and getting excited....to be in this day doing what I'm about to do. Expectation....are to life in the moment and experience what is....Accept as it is and adjust myself to it and a wonderful mixture of grey will be upon me. I do love grey...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Behind the scenes....

 I've got some of my Tack Down Tuesday piece that I've decided to mount them on the wood panels...here there drying with a layer of clear satin varnish. Tomorrow I'll be the strap hangers on and wire...and check that off the list.

 Yesterday and the day before I matted and packaged some works and framed others... building up my stock of work to present soon.

 Journals read and 2015 Calendars too..

And these piece of I have energy left the rest of the week I might mat and frame them up or mount on the wood panels.

I spent the morning after yoga cleaning the house...I know I'm going to have to do a quick run by before tomorrow when the Art tribe comes over...my Menu is Lemon, Artichoke Chicken, with possible some roasted beets with apples and pine nuts a nice salad too and for desert I've made this glutton free Chocolate Zucchini Bread that will the base and then some vanilla ice and some fresh raspberries. I just hope and pray it all works out...you know like Thanksgiving that it's all warm or read when needs be. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting creative all over the place

I managed to frame up 6 piece of art, cutting the mats and glass and I had enough frames that it worked out nicely.  In stead of doing yoga this morning. I was up there early in my night gown with a my apron on and just going to town. Came down and got a shower going and went food shopping...hit "the farm" and got some good veggies.

I'm trying out a few new things....a zucchini bread and some pancakes... Plus I was able to finish my journal last night for my personal Morning Pages..

I'm going in all directions I know...hoping to have enough energy for dinner cooking...corn on the cob, some nice pork chops and some fresh green beans...I've been trying things out before Wednesday when I have the art tribe over...make to see how some thing work, being there new recipes...well the pancakes were for me today...left over shredded zucchini...had to use it up.

I need to clean my home today or tomorrow... clutter away "poof"  darn it, it didn't work...guess I'm going to have to get physical with this now...Oh saw the movie, Hundred foot, Journey...was good.

Last thing just pulled out the Chocolate Zucchini bread and it looks good...I'm planning on cutting it to nice thick slices and some vanilla Ice cream and some fresh berries on top...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stuck in Question

The husband asked this morning...what's up? I see it on your face, as he looks at me while I scrolling through facebook and thinking about my day and all the stuff others are protesting about and happy things other are sharing....my face and body language is about wanting to unplug....disconnect from something that was created to make us think we need it...

Sure I'm right there marketing and promoting and sharing my happy things too...but their is this angst about not being connected that way...

Then on the other hand I've made some wonderful connection with people across the world...where's the balance in it all....? I'm tired of the broadcasting of my own stuff but I do because it's about getting the word out....it's where we are now in the world, "On-Line."

Going to do Yoga...and see if I can find a calm spot and make peace with this morning angst....I really don't know where it came from but I'm yammer about it on line, on my blog, a means of socializing stuck in Question....I've been blogging for since 2005 or 2006, almost 10 years of this....and tomorrow I'll probably make peace about and send out an blast....love/hate of it. as in many things in life. Acceptance...my word of the year....along with RAW-Real, Awesome, and Whole... not being very RAW am I...but learning about the acceptance. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Artist Date Last Night

In June I asked the Indian Prairie Library if they would like one of my pieces.   I've had this piece hanging in my home for sometime and well with delight it's hanging in there now Second Floor children section.  The Silent Couple...all hand made papers from plant fibers and a final coat of bee's wax, made the frame myself and well so happy they accepted it.

I love the way the simple red lines push everything back and the values in this piece..another photo of Zhou Brothers works...more below...
 Went to the Zhou Bro. Art Center...four or is 5 floors of artists and studios and gallery's....Oh my!  that's right the 10th annual Self Portrait show and a few of my artist friends have work on exhibit there in the 4Art inc Gallery space. There was an exhibit of the Zhou Brothers work on display so I always love looking at it...this is one of them at caught my eye...and keeps my interests too...I think it was called "Dance in the Front Yard."
 My photos's are a bit jumbled here took them in my phone and transferred over this morning and they always come up funny...I came up one of the back stairs and there this exhibit of work was....Repetition one of my favors to see...and love the shadow effect that was playing off the wall here made the physical photo's even larger that she used. I believe it was an exhibit of her friends jewelry.

 Now I think this Zore's work or Mario Gonzalez Jr.  I took some picture of his work for my daughter that works now with inner city boys and well there from this environment of graffiti and tagging places and she asked them why the do it....for the risk of doing...well...you can move it to the wall on a piece of plywood extra and really make art with it...kind of interesting.
another image of Mario's work...."Top and Bottom"  I like the shapes and symbols and the material that is used. 

Now as I came up the stairs and saw this artist work then walked down the hall way to the main hall I looked around the corner and there was more...I was just in awe of its presentation.

I went to see Tania's work and Nancy's work in the 4Art Inc Gallery which I did and my last stop before heading home it was great to see them and their work hanging in there.