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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stop, Breathe and take a moment

2015 Earth Day Lake Allatoona, GA. 
A dear friend in Georgia, my soul buddy in life and art sent me this picture on Earth Day...it has  become my new computer screen...though I love my stacking rock (Carin's) this spoke to me louder. After going on the crane count last weekend and witnessing and walking though a morning mist I was taken by it all.

Be really whole and all things will come to you-Lao-Tzu

There is a divine plan of goodness for me.... and I am allow to nurture myself as an artist and human being.

I'm facilitating an Artist Way Course and we are on week 9 moving into week 10 and I'm looking at the task work of week 9.  Cracking open the Morning pages and reading them is one of them and using a highlighter...being rebellious I don't.  I don't reread them mainly because I can't read my morning handwriting. But I do know that any of my black and white thinking has to do with people and situation.

From Julia's words....The pages have allowed us to vent without self-destruction, to plan without interference, to complain without an audience, to dream without restriction, to know our own minds. Give them credit for the change and growth they have fostered.

I honestly wouldn't know how to handled my days if I didn't do morning pages, they have become such a part of my daily maintenance.

The reflective moment comes when I revisit my Artist Prayer this morning....I seek inspiration and guidance as I'm directed forward with a natural flow to find wisdom, truth and love. Grateful for all that I have and willing to share. knowing there is a plan, believing and trusting in it all.

Name the Goal: To continue to be an artist till the day I pass on to the Great White North.
Our old 51 Chevy Pick up truck, it's sold now but I have the dream/goal still growing strong.

You see when I see this old Chevy Pick up truck I quickly go into an imagery state and vision my self driving down a gravel road to my studio with a few four legged friends and the Husband trails off to his Pole Barn to work on his motorcycles, or what every creative endeavor he is into for the moment. It really doesn't matter if we get there and have this as a reality...what matters is that it's a really strong dream that seems never to be not impossible.

So to do the task- foot work towards a dream/goal what will it take...in a year? in a month and in a week? 

First off taking moments to revisit like this and reflect the important aspects personally in my life and family. And then look at what is already in motion for a year. I have many Collage Workshops lined up...not to many but enjoy and repeat place from years past. I'm tending to the needs of that as to correspond the information of contracts, flyers and supply list.  Setting up the dates and also looking at possible new ones for the next year and what I need to do for proposal info. Which is like applying for a new job.  Something that artists are always doing...submitting and applying for grants, teaching gigs and residences...etc. All the behind the scenes stuff that doesn't get seen. Yes for the next year this is what my forward thinking is set on for dreams and goals. Because if I keep that rolling then I have the means to continue the real work of my goals and that's to make art and be an artist. 

Moment's of Creative U-turns, I have to admit one of my workshops that will involve a flight on an airplane to Arizona was something I had thought about a few days ago of not doing it...I chatted with the Husband about it and was coming up with all these excuses...Then I thought I best see if  the information was on the website...when I went there to see..it was.  The next thought was...Well Scaredy Pants you're going now...and the fear left.  Though I'm going to be taking a "Big out of your Comfort Zone" jump...I will pull on my good guidance and continue forward. I sent out my supply list to them the next day and chatted to my one Daughter that will be going with me about checking into the flight we will need to think about setting. Though this many not be a big deal to some...we each have our own Creative U-turns...areas in our life that we may have planned and then let go of that plan out of fear...allowing just an hint of Good Orderly Directions amazing things can happen.  Mind you this won't be a cake walk it will have it's own set of challenge but all good stuff to grow with. Another goal of mine is never to go Stale...so as I continue to work on both. 

A goal and dream of the next month...to finish painting my mail box how every it turns out and to write up my lesson for the Workshop at Dillman's. I have some wonderful creative souls repeating this week long workshop and I would like to  have some new or challenging things for them/combo of both. And I would like to write up and shoot my third on line class.  I think it will trail from May into June though as to working on it with the workshops inbetween...and then I want to go visit the buffalo two hours West of here. Well I think that was two months worth. 

and so what can be a goal for this week.....to finish the mail box. One might ask how does that relate to being a artist till the day you die?   All part of living and being a full time person in my own life. Work at things that I wanted to get done in my personal life is a challenge that builds stamina for the art life...again... art belongs in my life and living life is an art to be part of.  

I guess I wanted to share this because we each have to find what works in our life for what our purpose and dreams and goals are.  And sometimes it just painting a mailbox, the feeling of knowing this soon..feeding my confidence to keep moving forward to the next right things to do. 

OK best stop...Off to The ArtAttack in Harbor County Michigan...my Oldest Daughter is going with me...I'll for sure be spending some time at Nido Bianco, new gallery my work is in and hopefully seeing a few more up there.  Another goal reached today is to attend two art receptions a month...there are so many that I want to go that don't always fit in my schedule and I feel badly for not attending...but one can do only what one can. So to set a goal that can be met with possibility is what I heading for. Maybe more as this becomes a new habit.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Awesome Words of Wisdom

What's on the Artist table ?

 No the trees are not on the table but this happened just this week to our neighbor. And it was on a day that there was no wind...Odd right?

 Luckily there wasn't much damage and the husband was able to give a hand sawing it up.

 As you can see the part of the tree was in a Y and the moisture, rain and all got in there and just rotted it and then there were other roots trying to grow back down and couldn't, we think it just had a growth spurt and pushed it's way apart and fell.   I thought I heard something on Sunday in the afternoon but thought it was the guys in the garage.

 So now this is what is on the Artist Table...The big mail box.  The letter sizes got away from me and I have to admit I didn't plan well and you know that Artist saying about creating and great idea and as you go through it comes to the point of Oh I'm Shit...we I felt that but I'm going with it..and let go of the perfect I was going for and it will be what it will be. It for sure will make a statement and you won't miss it as you come down the street.

 On Monday one of the gals Alison, from artist way class had a family member pass on this wood panels. They have a printing business and they print on wood panels etc...guess what?   these are rejects and have found a home here...I'm in the process of experimenting and putting a collage on there...

 Here's a piece I created when I did a class on layering and I showed this work to the Midwest Collage Society last month and it's found a home...I just needed to put in on the wood panel. So it's done. I need to send the image to the client and see if they like it... or want the sides painted instead of the wood showing.

Circus Act 
8 x 8 collage on wood panel. 
See more about the layering process here 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Art Attack-Nido Bianco Gallery Three Oaks MI-Laura Lein-Svencner

I'll be heading up there on Saturday for a few hours just a short ride up and around the lake...how about you join me  More details here 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's time to walk

When you receive messages like this what do you do...?  I walk...walk in the woods and bring this there to talk to the Great Spirit-Good Orderly Direction, God, HP and The Universe. 

While our fears will always be with us to some extent, we can take control of them by reminding ourselves of the many times we have overcome them and emerged successfully on the other side. Fear is not a wall we must break down but a door we can easily open if we have the willpower to do so. Concentrating on our triumphs is a practical way of affirming that for almost as many times as we have felt the icy grip of fear, we have also walked purposefully through it without injury. The encouragement that this pattern of thinking grants us is thoroughly bracing and helps us move forward confidently in almost any circumstance. Your courage will astound you today once you have taken the time to revisit all the instances in your past in which you have moved past your fears. 

All good and overwhelming.... There's some demands lately that are pulling hard on the creative juices, that one could freeze up and run in fear. 

So today I will seek the strength I need first to walk through this day working small steps at time knowing that "Everything will be alright in the end...if it is not alright it must not be the End"

The excitement I'm feeling is almost as scary as the many tasks I have to handle...I think it was the day off I took yesterday that allowed me a break...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Collage Paper making session today.

 Here's the husband holding the piece, I call it "White Tale Dance" He's trying to hide behind it...what a sweetie. Kind of hard to take a picture of it inside the house...barely can fit the walls. Going to need a Collector with some tall walls.

 Rainy days are something aren't they...they make me hunker down and get inside and be busy....or take a nap...one extremes to the other.  Here is a my small table top workstation...mostly where all the tack down Tuesday are born. I use a piece of Kraft paper underneath and have a good old time mucking in up past paper and glazing sessions.  It's time though to make a collage paper out of it.

 Paper plate palette with white acrylic paint, sponge roller and some corrugated paper.

 Here's what ended up with...Love the layers smeared all over the place, such inspiration and many colors to pull from...might even find it's way in the next Totem.

 Blank table top...
 New piece of Kraft paper and a gestural mark christen the blankness.

 OK so I'm multi tasking...got some red papers drying and here is a sketch blown up from my sketchbook that I would love to make larger...

 So here's the larger lemon lime green paper made from a Nautical map...(thank you Jeanne) I'm finally using it and another one on the table with gray on it for the piece I want to do soon...and the one leaning on the side there I'm going to cut up.

My plan is to cut this up and reassemble it differently.  You see this was a exercise in meeting and greeting the surface.  If anyone really knows me I'm a rambling chatter box when it comes to things I'm passionate about...and Creating with paper is one of them so you might as well say I'm making words with my shapes and symbols...I've some nice brick red paper that I made then went over it with the burnt orange to get the color in this piece...I'm going to use this piece to be an inspiration itself for a piece. Giving myself an assignment...I need to create some more paper with x's and o's on it and I can see I need to create a butter color that's seem to be in the background in the middle and of course black. 

And here's Paper I  made for a new stacking rock series...Seems I best get busy in the studio...Yike going be eaten by paper here soon. 

Filling the Well, Living the Dream and allowing Grace and Space...

 This the first time sitting out in the early morning with my journal and candle light...my stacking rocks from the trip to door county.. and a sweat shirt on over my nightgown...the robins and cardinals were the first to start and great the morning.

 I did go horseback riding at Kurtz Corral this time in Door county but didn't get a picture of myself. Brings back memories when I went Horseback riding in Colorado when I was 18 and going to a 9 week school, at Blackhawk Mountain School of Art....and we road day in day out for a few days...so awesome. This little Shetland pony I hear is a character...and had hair on it's mane all the way down to the ground.

 Here at the water trough, Appaloosa, Shetland, and the little Mustang the rest were all out in the pasture...their all starting to shed their coats and need to be brushed about two times a day...How many horse do they have?   40...lots of arm exercise.

This is a shot of the damn at my parents, place in Montello on Buffloo Lake. We had a nice lunch together.  Shared the story that a big sturgeon was swimming up the fish ladder back in to the lake after they completed the new damn and all so they have some big fish coming. 

Yesterday morning, My oldest Daughter and I took part in the annual Crane count here in DuPage County...I know I was so excited about doing this and that she came with me but...sad part is we didn't spot or hear any Cranes.  Not to say they weren't there nesting. Because the Ecologist shared with us that in a week they could have sightings...and this happens often. So we are the list for next year and maybe able to do the Waterfall Glens one being that we live closer.  I'm just tickled that it was on a whim to do it and we did.   Taking part in the future...and here is a picture as we were walking back...my comment was look the sky line loaded with the presence of man.... 

And yesterday with the help of the Husband...dear sweet man that he, help me cut the wood and nail it together and then place the four pieces into the frame and nail it together, I've got some finish touches and then I can be done...like fill in the nail gun holes...little black crayon will take care of that and then I can start on the third one....what I'm not sure it will be...I really just wanted to do these but had not great image idea that came.  The deer is my Native American sigh for June so that's why this has a deer.

Touching base on all that has happened in the last week is amazing....When you go and set the dates some months back and then they approach and you complete them what a sense of accomplishment. Which was the subject of our family talk this morning...small steps sticking with it and seeing it all through to the final moment of completion. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Second Gallery Drop off Trip

 So as I come up this way to Door County I try to stop in to the Kohler Art Museum, Well they weren't open yet and I could wait around...had time schedule to be on ...but I did pull into the parking lot to park and looked up and see this awesome food truck.

Back and other side...I'll have to do some research on it. 

The Flying Pig...a bit sparse now but the Green space will be full soon like the inside with all the artwork.
This is a special beach in Sister Bay that has this rolled round rocks...this happens in the winter time when the winds come banging against the shore and actually rolls the rock like a bit tumbler, Kind of cool I think.
I came upon the shore and there was two other women their and their dog...we sat down and quiet played with the rocks...I asked them where they were from and Sturgeon Bay they said. We all went back to picking and stacking the rocks.

When I dropped off the Artwork at The Flying Pig I chatted with Susan and the concern about the Manufacture Milk Factories seem to be causing some friction...Any time we as human try to play a forced solution in nature we pay for it...and this is one of them...talk is and that's all it is now but has the locals concerned about is the Manure that is produced and what the want to do with it....Spray it in the Fields which then gets into the Air and carried into the lake and they think that is why the are seeing the mass amounts of Green Algae growing.  The beaches are not looking pretty in some places..or is it something that is happening to the lake after the ice is broke up for the season and now the turn over of it all ?  Good questions but if the locals are noticing different changes then something is not in balance up there...I guess there's about 15 Milk Factory you might as well say up here...As I drove by one I saw the cow looking out and all locked and just standing there...My heart...People please quick trying to think you feeding masses when all you doing is filling you pockets with a different green.
So despite the news and witnessing the green algae...I found a spot to stake rocks...I guess it really called leaving a Caran, but I like the whole process of picking and staking...made me question was I the first one?   as all I seen was raccoon or coyote tracks on the beach with some large heron prints and some seagulls.
As I walk away...

This is the same rock I stake on it seems each year. Last year Randy came with me and we had big Ice chunks to walk around and hard to find rocks.This year it's all gone but the water is higher so it was hard to find the rocks.  But the one rock that has the funny shape on the right was the rock I use last year, I was surprised that it was there.

Close up for reference later.

Back side of the Stacking Rocks....I'm really not sure how many more years I'll keep coming up here.  I thought about that on the way up...it's been 5 years with the gallery and work has been selling little by little. Which is great with the way all things have been going but it is picking up. Mainly by the houses are now up for sale and new ones are being built...the economy is trying to get going again.

Well time to make breakfast and pack up...my job is done and now to work my way to visiting with my Dad and Step Mom and then home tonight...lots of driving, though I have much to be grateful for almost embarrassed to say but with the new van, I'm gliding like butter down the road...not possible with out the Husband...On to slip in a bit of horseback riding...