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Sunday, August 30, 2015

depth and dimension

 I've always have been a shader... no not shady but one who likes to shade things that I draw. And since I moved to working with paper instead of clay I needed a way to add that depth that a 3-dimsiona object had.  Now I'm not a master at it but I found a way to achieve what I felt I wanted out of the papers that are layered on top of each other.

 Not sure if you can see the difference from the red circle above to this one. Yes it's at angle.  There kind of a smoky feeling underneath the ring.

And here next to the edges of the paper I add a small amount of acrylic paint, black is the color I used for this one. Which is different than the glazing process that happens first.  When I create the shadow or depth I fan out the acrylic with the side of my thumb and let it be distorted. A shadow gives us that opportunity by the angle of the light but with a abstract how do you work that in?  this is what I found works for me.  The glazing is a personal choice I like, makes me feel instantly that these paper have been together longer then just a few minutes.  The Glazing unifies the elements.

When I shared this image in process on Facebook I heard a response that this work looks like Banksy?  had to look him/her up and found some resemblance. Interesting...could it be the big Red Circle?  well off I go to work on it some more, got to go pick up artwork from Creek Gallery today..then get some more bird seed...run out for a while now but with migration soon go to have some stocked up.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gentle care, connection and healing

Daredevil in the House, 12 x 36 collage and assemblage on wood panel with a shadowbox, was drop off at LaGrange Art League yesterday.  While I was there it feel like coming home...I know sounds crazy.  I met up with Mary Southard and we chatted about glues to use for a project she is commission to do and very excited about. And then with Nancy the framer there in walks Alla Jablokow, watercolor artists and my first supporter for teaching.  She encourage me to teach what I know...which at the time wasn't much but it encouraged me to keep learning to share and do better in my art of collage.  Hugs were passed out freely and with warmth and honesty.   I know I needed. 

After I dropped off my work I head home and bummer around the studio...feeling a bit down...I just was informed about a ending of a gallery relationship that I stood up for myself and asked questions and well the let me go.   All is good because my intuition was telling me it was time...and I second guessed it but put it aside thinking it was just some fear....

As I continued through my day I good get myself to the process I need to, to finish the last lesson for the on line class...it wasn't in me...but I knew I need to do some gentle care and healing...

 So I pulled out the papers and the canvas that has been ready and waiting patiently for me. Canvas 36 x 36...feeling unsure and vulnerable I started...knowing that when I get back into the work...my work, my ideas, and now someone else I would feel better.  Plugged in Ed Sheeran X and feel so much at home and save.
 This collage is one that I created a long time ago in a sketchbook with just magazines and well you can see the larger version blown up and the canvas....with the rainy day ahead and breakfast out of the way...it time to connect and heal.

From when I was very little my intuition has been a very strong guide...and every time I lesson it has shared the truth...so I'm so grateful nothing has been damaged or lost and artwork will be recovered and returned home for a new venue so...feels are still a bit discombobulated but will settle back and ground themselves soon.  Life with all these interesting learning opportunities. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Growth-Creative Art Block

Growth, 7.5 x 4.5
Cedar block, Four small collages on sides with handmade papers and sheet music on top under the door knob. Jute on the bottom underneath for the roots that are exposed and the copper nails and wire there as a connective element with the greens. 

Ebb and Flow...

Questioning...silly but it comes and goes...What am I doing ?  why am I doing it ? and where the fudge bunnies am I going?

Been working through the artist way book, Walking in this World...late on posting Week 11   Late to whom?  myself...Setting standards and not meeting them make me have some depressed moments.   I've got the whole day head of me and I can do what I want I'm told....That's true.  So what am I fretting about.

All artists get discouraged. All Artists have deep inner wells of self-pity into which we periodically dive. All Artists are doing better than someone else and worse than someone else. All artists are doing better today than they have in the past and worse than they will in the future. All Artists specialize in self-doubt. It is how we hone the creative imagination.

I had to pull this out of week 11 the statement about.  it's again time to check in on myself and ask some question and walk...been a few days.  So funny how when you can work it all.. it works but then life has your routine jumbled and then your/I, am off kilter again.  But the blessing it knowing that you can regain a bit of balance with a few simple things. (Reminder to self-Balance is not being disturbed.  And that's what I feel like...also to know what to do with your feelings before everyone in your house hold knows your disturbed is hard, that one I've not perfected yet.)

So I will reread my notes from week 11 with all the spelling and type o's and continue on because that's what I do well.  I get all caught up on the business side of things and I know what it does to me...it Ebbed my flow and realizing as I plunk away on my key board here...its natural.

decreaselessendeclinereducesubsidedie down, abatedwindle,fadeslacken

 off, moderatelet up, ebbwanerecededie away/out, peter out; 

  1. Flow
    In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Both have to present to know the full impact of life...cycles, rhythms, seasons.

~from Living Wabi Sabi~ With all the good we encounter in life, there will always be at least a bit of bad, just as we will always find a piece of fortune in misfortune when we look close enough. Why does the Universe work in this mysterious way?  Maybe because flaws and mishaps are great stimuli for growth and creativity.  

As the husband leaves for work today he ask...I don't get you why do you do that to yourself...Doubt that this?   

Because honey I'm growing again....The ebb and flow of life and beauty of the imperfect flaws that make us real and alive. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Art on the Wall

I was graced a few days ago with a surprise from a friend and art patron.  Strata no 1 has found a home... warms my heart.  Thank you MB.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday and Saturday

Yesterday I purged some shelves in the studio and while I was up there I worked on the third Creative Art Block.  I pick the collage subject, this case it was the flowers. Though I love flowers I'm for let them grow naturally then as a gift. Sounds so ungrateful but the truth, mainly because I hate to see them drooping over in the vase...their life span is cut short...literally.   So when I picked the flowers I added my favor paper for the season the gray and white strip.  A had a flash of an Victorian Gentlemen walking up with flowers for his lady...So hence the name, "Gentlemen Caller."  Now the series is projected to be done for the solo exhibit, their not the feature of the exhibit bit I would like to use it as a deadline for them.  Got other ideas to bring forth so this needs to get done first. 
The hardest part about these Creative blocks is to not go to far.  Keeping them simple is a challenge.  Yesterday I felt the sense of cross over when I go to far..the lost of assemblage to craft. If that makes any sense?  Well that was the clue I used to stop, when it feel like it was starting to go to craft. 

By evening The Husband came home and I was debating on going to the Union Street Gallery exhibit, I had received a phone call from  Will Ursprung, he is part of the National Collage Society, Director of Development, and lives in Gibertsville PA. I was so surprise by the call and invite to come see his work in the exhibit-Art AS ARTIFACT.

 Will Ursprung's assemblage piece, Automotive parts, created to look like a face. 

I sorry for the poor photo...not till after you live do you see what and how the photo turns out but I looked at this piece of painted cut sheets of plastic stapled together...very interesting...the art of the staple as an adherent device.  I was impressed. 

Had to get a picture of Will and I  The talk is having the National Collage Society's Annual National Exhibit there at Union Street Gallery...that would be cool...but talk now is all that it is. Things would have to wait till 2017 possibly but that's what Will's job it to developed direction. 

So while we were there at the reception there was a group from the Theatre & Art Leadership Kouncil.   didn't get picture of them but the would write a poem for you and each time the young gentlemen read it he would get a new round of painting done on his body so by the end of the night many people had a poem written about him and other artists there were inspired by the people and the words of the poems for the painting done...wonderful and interest collaboration. So Randy...the husband decided to get a poem.  Paid his dollar and shared a few words and waited to see what the young artist/poet had for him.

Part of this was the rap flow that the artist rolled with too. It was a interesting evening then off to have a dinner together.  Came home and went to bed. Late one for me...10 pm.  

Now the Friday night I went to the Zhou Brother's Opening and saw a few friends and the Zhou Bros. works,  this one touched me and the brothers descriptions of how the work together. 

 My interested is sparked...I normally work alone anytime I'm ask to be part of a collaborative I back out.   These guys are brothers so I wonder if there's a difference, I'm sure their is as of history together.  Verses someone you met in class and your told to work together, different kind of trust. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Morning Scan of the Studio

 Prepared materials for the Workshop this Monday....happy to say just got to pack it up...and print up the handout.
 Getting ready for the next video/lesson plan session... possible this weekend.

 I keep pushing this rolling clothes rack around with my large papers on it and the back piece under the white trash bag keeps falling off...Time it's about time to get that on a canvas..

 Canvas coated and ready to go for another collage I'm in the process of... what I did in my sketchbook and plan to bring it to the surface...

And I just order three wood panels 24 x 36 so I can make three of the Painted Mare War Ponies I see a class about them too where the symbolize become the personality of the artist...or something like that.  These are day's when I want to say..."Good Orderly Direction, Please hold up I'm trying to catch up...really so grateful for all these opportunities to create and ideas flowing in....and so happy that I have the place and support.  Now to do some yoga...and work on a good balance lots to do and one thing at time works best.