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Monday, October 12, 2015

The day of assembling the collage papers in The Floating Collage Workshop

 Greeting the morning to some dry papers...Let the day begin. 

 Bonnie here putting her collage together in the stages...larger back ground piece and then the smaller on top. Making many choices along the way.

 Lynn working on the smaller piece first. 

 Susan in the sun here...how nice. After the demo this morning this group of woman got busy on their floating collages.

First off I should have an assistant to take pictures for me...Left my regular camera a home...and know left with my phone camera which is a good camera but the person holding the camera has a few issue...(can't stand and hold the camera still enough.)

 Julia piece

 Jenny's piece...and Her sister Krissy...which for the life of me I can't find the photo I took...well I thought I took so here's an image of the too of them shared on Facebook...you can see Krissy's work.
How cool is that sisters take class together, hope they had fun. 

 Kaye's piece...again I'm sorry for the out of focus shot.. we were all ooh and aahing over it.

Kelley's piece with the Gargoyle, 

 Lynn's piece 

Mara's piece

Bonnie's piece

                                                                   Susan's piece

 Noreen and her wonderful style was a prolific one, even made a card for Mara's birthday. 

Renee's Piece 

All of these piece's were made from the same papers, the difference from the other collages I work with is the edge. The organic torn edge that is so present in these piece. There's a glazing of raw umber, black or a deep purple is a help in unifying the pieces together.  Each student was given a choice of two reference images to from and make a palette of papers to work with. 
Toni, we missed you and hope you feel better soon. 

We are all Hopeful for Crystal and her journey to find a Mold free place and get the workshops going again...good thoughts for her.  

My Demo's piece, "Reaching for the Wind"

Thank you everyone for coming to this workshop...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Building that Palette of Collage Paper, Floating Collage Day 1

 A full day of process work of building a palette of papers to choose from for today. Everyone is coating the back sides of the paper with polymer medium...and the handy dandy tool.

 The Bowl Scraper, larger then a plastic gift card we used to use for this process and is flexible to our hands and can be used for many things while creating  mixed media art.

 Other side of the studio space, coating paper the backs of the papers first so they will dry... familiar faces.

 Most of my workshop we do a practice run or exercise moment. This time it's the Red Roof exercise. Where everyone gets a red piece of coated paper and then gets to use scrap coated papers of mine and make a small collage using the tack iron. "Red Roof Society" The method of adhering papers without liquid adhesive which  I learned a few years into of my collage career when I personalyl took a workshop with Jonathan Talbot. A wealth of information.

 Along with the tacking the paper down we also learned about the Glazing and the shadow steps one can take before they seal it off with final coat of polymer.

 I hope to get  pictures of the little Red Roof today...with all that was going on... lots of demos and miles on our feet as we walked back and forth laying our papers down to dry.  As I work everyone to their death......the hard stuff first and then the easy comes later...which is today...a calmer slower paces for all. I promise!

 Using sheets of drawing paper we gave the white surface some color...what color is always a choice and we all had small reference images which everyone picked from a box. Did a bit on the surface of them too.
 I personally like to use a variety of found papers and another one was magazines and the template which we sanded and then added color to. The whole process allows the student to make there own personal mark on all the way through the process of collage paper making. Taking what is and recreating what will be.

Every time we make these papers I'm in awe at the patterns and color...I get so excited.  
Amazing Job Ladies!  

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Heading to the Healing House today for Floating Collage Workshop

                                                           Memories of the woods

Trading stamps with Flower 
These piece are a bit different from my other works...the edges are so important and the way you can raise the levels of the collage. Makes it harder to frame but the rawness of the edges are what is so cool.

As I look at these two piece how funny that there the same color palette...a few years apart yet? Don't know what that's about. 

Ok got to get going...go a bit of ride to tend to first then unload, set up and be ready to create.!!! 

Friday, October 09, 2015

A gift of kind words...

There is more to do, to see, to experience, to live, to love
do not be afraid. 
open your heart and your mind and let the Universe in. :)

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Save the date...reserve your spot

Just received my confirmation last week but was scrabbling at being an artist and all the other stuff that goes along with life and I think I'm still in shock...excitement is right there under the surface but got to keep my cool....Lets say "I've jumped and the Net is there..." Reserve a spot is the opportunity now for all on the website...pre-registrations. 

National Collage Society 31st Annual Juried Exhibit

Left, Seeking Direction-Right, Painted Mare, individual collage piece framed, 12" x 7' 

Received my confirmation yesterday...my two totem pieces were excepted. They are now on exhibit at Addison Center for the Arts 213 N Lombard Road, Addison IL 
Gallery hours Wed-Sat, 12-4 pm. 

This jury reviewed the entries during the week of September 14th for the 31st Annual Juried Exhibit:National Collage Society 

Laurence Bradshaw, Professor Emeritus, Art and Art History, University of Nebraska

Harriet Lesser, Arts Curator over 20 years in DC area

Ric Kasini Kapour, Publisher and Editor, Kolag magazine

The jury selected your piece: Seeking Direction and Painted Mare for the exhibit. There were 213 artists with 372 entries.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Wisdom of the Ages

I'm not exactly sure what I'm talking about when I say wisdom from the ages. I found this image on Google and try to find the person that created the drawing of the prayer with the feather but no such luck.

You see yesterday I received an email from the daughter of a very important lady in my life.  Our relationship changed over the coarse of years as all relationship do.  But it became distant and a lack of luster...I thought I might have not filter myself and said something to bring hurt upon her. Now I understand it wasn't anything like that.

We chatted by phone now and then over the past few years, she said she had some spots on her lungs...and that it was all better and she was feeling good and the grand children were coming down and what fun they would be having.

She wasn't all better.... quietly she went in her sleep with her close family at her side. I'm grateful her daughter and I had met and she was kind and thoughtful to send me an email to let me know.

Over many lunches and cups of coffee and sweaty phones we chatted.  She would share, all the time "Carpe Diem"  and help me learn about living fully. She shared her experience on raising her children which in fact help me raise mine.  She had a son that had some difficulty in school...you know not quiet and sit still type...ones that can't  pay attention and brought about frustration upon everyone around him. And this was over 30 years ago.  Now he's a policemen and the trouble that he had when he was younger now are skills used and needed for his job...She always had a way for me see things with a new hope, changed attitude and that all lead to a new perspective.

The Serenity Prayer was something we shared together....and recently my perspective upon these words have changed.  You know what it is....ready to receive them in the way that will guide me better. The Teacher always appears when the student is ready... They have been around for ages these words but as a wise sage woman passes I'm being guided to read them again.

Through pain do we change...emotions are a bit raw right now and that's life....and I'm grateful even though I'm grieving....she made the world a better place for the people closes to her. Aho~ 

Monday, October 05, 2015

a little help from our friends

Heading off to class this morning but not without thinking about Mentoring and pure help from others in our professional career fields. We can pretend we're explorers to some extent. But the reality is we need help from time to time.  Not sure in other fields but usually when one asks for help in the arena of the Arts there is always someone who will share their experience with you.

From time to time I am challenged to step into a "new woods" so to say.  And from my experience one shouldn't just head in without having some wits about you. We can't know all and what we will encounter as we trail blaze in but we can prepare ourselves some what.

So I send out emails to some of the artists that are in or have had experience in these new woods and ask them to share if they have time...I keep telling myself I don't need to know all but I want to find out as much as I can....Where's the excitement if you know all...but reality is I need help from time to time.  I personally come from a long line of Makers.  And Us Makers whittle away and problem solve though most things but like a farmer there are times when you need a little help from your friends or the town to bring in that hay or harvest.

Something went a little off kilter along the way...even for me thinking I can do it all by myself. And that it was bad to ask for help...that it made you look and feel dumb or stupid.  With a life time of learning disability it can distort ones thinking...and make it hard to ask for help because of confusion and comprehension...and let me throw in my own personal anxiety...what hot mess I can become. A highly vulnerable, sensitive, spiritual, creative little child facing the huge big world....well that's a story that keeps re-playing in my head.  So, so grateful for those that extend a hand. I hope that I can be that for someone some day...but in the mean time....I'll grab my walking stick and continue to ask for help and seek a bit of excitement and good old fashion adventure in life.

To all those that keep answering to the call of their creative wilds and venturing out, and reporting back leading us with their excitement and encouraging  "You Can Do It Too," attitude. Sharing experiences with us back at the Forests edge. To our Mentors that we know face to face and those that we watch from afar,  guiding us with their actions...we will always need a little help from our friends.

Thank you...